About us

Pasimax - Behind the Unique Embroidered Designs

Welcome to Pasimax - where special gifts are born from love for your furry companions! The story behind Pasimax is one of emotion and the bond between humans and their four-legged friends.

Serendipitous Beginnings

Pasimax is more than just an online store - it's the result of a serendipitous moment. One day, reminiscing about my beloved dog, who had been my companion for many years, the idea to create a unique gift to commemorate him sparked in my mind. Why not embroider his image onto a shirt, so that people can carry this precious memory with them wherever they go?

Pasimax's Mission

At Pasimax, our mission is rooted in our passion for celebrating the special bond between pets and their owners. We strive to achieve this through four key missions

Create Unique Gifts

We specialize in crafting personalized gifts that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each item, whether it's a shirt, hoodie, or accessory, is uniquely designed and embroidered to reflect the individuality of your beloved pet.

Capture Special Stories

Every Pasimax product carries a meaningful story. We aim to capture and preserve the unique relationship between a person and their furry companion through our meticulous embroidery process.

Foster Emotional Connections

Our goal is to go beyond providing merchandise. We believe that our products foster lasting emotional connections by allowing pet owners to carry a piece of their beloved animal with them wherever they go.

Promote Quality and Care

Quality is paramount at Pasimax. We are committed to delivering products of exceptional craftsmanship and durability, ensuring that each item represents the love and care we put into our work.


Our Process

At Pasimax, our work process is executed with care and passion.

Personalized Design

  • Our talented Team of Designers uses advanced digital techniques to convert your pet's image into an embroidery file.
  • This step ensures that every detail of your pet's likeness is captured accurately.

Confirmation with Customer

  • At Pasimax, we understand the importance of color accuracy in translating pet images to embroidery.
  • Our Customer Services team will send you a preview of the digitized image for your approval before production begins. This ensures that the final product closely resembles your beloved pet.

Embroidery Production

  • Once the design is confirmed, we move into the production phase. We carefully select high-quality apparel and prepare it for embroidery.
  • Our skilled craftsmen then frame the garment and begin the embroidery process, paying attention to every detail.

Quality Control (QC)

  • Quality is our top priority at Pasimax. Every finished product undergoes rigorous QC to ensure the embroidery is impeccable and the apparel meets our standards.
  • We inspect each item for precision, durability, and overall quality, guaranteeing that your personalized piece exceeds expectations.


We are a US-based manufacturing company, which explains our swift delivery. We guarantee superior product quality compared to drop-shipping businesses in the market. Their materials are inexpensive and sourced from China, with shipping times possibly extending to 3 to 4 weeks. Exercise caution when making online purchases.


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